Alexandra Nicole

Alexandra Nicole is a nineteen year old aspiring wedding and fashion photographer from Manila. She is part of the school newspaper and she likes taking pictures of people.

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25/52 weeks - The Ateneo Blue and Lady Shuttlers in the UAAP Season 77 Primer (First Semester)

"ONE TEAM, one goal." This has been their mindset throughout the season and it proved to be strong. 

In preparation for the upcoming UAAP season, the Blue Shuttlers engaged in a more physical conditioning—having twice-a-day training sessions—-last summer. The team, together with the Lady Shuttlers, also competed in two dual meets and the Kalayaan Cup last June in Los Angeles, California, where they brought home six gold and three silver medals. 

(Written by Raizza P. Bello, Photo by Pia Nicolas and Alexandra L. Huang)


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are you going to get any other lenses soon?

Hmm…probably not! I’m going abroad next year so I’m saving up for that! :) 

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Will there still be Aperture Society this year? :( Because I didn't see it in the list on the tarpaulin or any posts about the LIONS. I'm really looking forward on joining it so I'm really worried. Thank you!

Hello! Sorry I only saw this now! There won’t be ApSoc this year :( Sorry! 

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What can your 50mm lens do? Is it good for wide angle shots/landscapes? :)

It’s good for portraits because it has a large aperture (f/1.8) that allows you to focus on your subject and blur the background out. I use my 50mm in low light conditions as well like in dance concerts and UAAP badminton, basketball, fencing, and judo games. It isn’t a wide angle lens. :( As for landscapes, I prefer to use my kit lens when I travel because it’s easier to zoom in and zoom out (compared to moving forward and back with a 50mm). Hehe hope that helped. :) 

23/52 weeks - Still not over our luck. More of my Taylor Swift photos here. 

23/52 weeks - Still not over our luck. More of my Taylor Swift photos here

22/52 weeks - PROGRESSION. Season 78 Baseball Rookie of the Year, Miguel Dumlao, made his way to the top starting off as a member of the NCR Team back in grade school.

Read more on Miguel Dumlao’s experience in the Palarong Pambansa in the June issue of The GUIDON, out on newsstands now.

21/52 weeks 

"I sucked at the beginning but then I enjoyed the game, so it didn’t matter how bad I played. The fact that I was enjoying what I was doing gave me the feeling that I was going to be better." - Joseph Khio, Ateneo Futsal Team Captain. 

Read more on Ateneo Futsal’s Team Captain, Joseph Khio, in the June issue of The GUIDON, out on newsstands now.

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What camera did you use during taylor's concert? :)

I used a Lumix LX7! It’s my sisters camera and it was first time I really used it to take photos and wow ok it turned out really great (I still can’t believe it). 

"We can have our hearts broken but that doesn’t mean we have to stop believing in love."

June 6, 2014 - Taylor Swift, RED Tour Live in Manila. No words to explain how lucky we were that day! I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry when I saw Taylor Swift, but getting upgraded from GenAd to VIP, how can you not?! What a Justin-Bieber-Never-Say-Never-Movie moment!

Photos by Alexandra Huang. Shot with a Lumix LX7.