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Alexandra Nicole is a nineteen year old aspiring wedding and fashion photographer from Manila. She is part of the school newspaper and she likes taking pictures of people.

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16/52 weeks - Climbed Mount Pinatubo! Another item off my bucket list! 

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Hi! I'm an incoming Ateneo freshman who's also into photography. Do you have any suggestions for orgs that I can join so I can grow as a photographer? Also, any tips/advice for freshmen in general? Thanks!

Hi! Try out for The GUIDON! It was one of the best decisions I made as a freshman. I got to work with the most talented photographers who taught me almost everything I know now. It also opened a lot of doors for me in terms of being a part of big school events like OrSem. You should also join Aperture Society! It is an unaccredited organization that tries to bring all of the photographers in the Ateneo together. There, you would get a chance to cover school plays, events, attend workshops, and talks!

Tips for freshmen in general? HAHA! Join as many orgs as you can and at least try to be active in one, hang out with your block and not just your friends from high school, and get Povedan groupmates. HAHAHA!

See you in OrSem! :) 

15/52 weeks - After years of dreaming of going to the Clark Hot Air Balloon fest, I finally went to the one in Lubao, Pampanga! My friends and I got to ride one of them, which was quite an experience despite being only a few feet above the ground. The next day, I woke up early in the morning just to watch the flight of all the other balloons. Everything happened so quickly, but wow. 

14/52 weeks - Sakura in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan.  

13/52 weeks - Ten thousand torii gates in the Fushimi Inari-taisha temple, Kyoto, Japan. 

13/52 weeks - Ten thousand torii gates in the Fushimi Inari-taisha temple, Kyoto, Japan. 

12/52 weeks - The Young Athlete. I helped Ant layout her project for her psych class! It was super rushed because I started a few hours before she had to submit it, but then it was worth it because she paid me in cupcakes. :) 

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how do you blur the background/foreground so much? how do you focus on a moving subject while blurring everything else? :(((

My 50mm f/1.8 has a large aperture that allows me to add depth of field in my photos. I almost always keep it at f/1.8 so that I can focus more on my subject. As for focusing on a moving subject, i guess you just have to make sure that you have the correct shutter speed (I hope that helped???).

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which orgs are you part of in ateneo? :)

Last year, I was in The GUIDON, Aperture Society, and ACTM (home org for BS COMTECH majors). I’m planning to join a lot more orgs this year that don’t focus on photography. :) 

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(1) Feeding the deer in Nara Park, Japan and getting bitten by one of them. (2) The 360 view of the Osaka skyline from the Umeda Sky Building (3) Cherry blossoms in Arashiyama. (4) At the heart of the city: the Osaka Castle surrounded by rows and rows of cherry blossoms. (5) My first bowl of ramen in Japan from Hakata Ikkousha in Kyoto. (6) Rode a hot air balloon in the festival in Pampanga after dreaming about it for so many years. (7) Woke up at 4AM to watch them launch the hot air balloons! (8) Rode this super cute vintage looking jeep and climbed Mt. Pinatubo!

The summer before I start school again has been really eventful! I got to cross out so many items from my bucket list! Hoping for more days like this in the coming year. :)  

11/52 weeks - So glad I decided to go to the Bonfire this year even if it was on the Saturday before exam week! I really needed that night to get away from all the school work and such that was about to come. Congratulations to the Judo team, Badminton team, Volleyball teams, and to the Baseball boys!